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Jul 15, 2024 - Jul 26, 2024

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Are you feeling constantly overwhelmed, burnt out, and lacking the energy to live your best life? Let's get your SPARK ⚡️ back! This is a 10-day online challenge designed to reset your nervous system and restore balance + vitality. This program is perfect for individuals who have experienced extended periods of chronic stress or are stuck in a fight, flight, freeze, or fawn response. If you’re just "going through the motions" of daily life, lacking motivation, or feeling maxed out and overwhelmed, SPARK is for you. This challenge addresses chronic stress and emotional dysregulation, helping you become more energetically available and open to what you truly desire. By participating, you’ll reclaim your mental, emotional, and physical energy, creating more space to hold more money, love, happiness, and other positive experiences. WHY NOW? If you desire more... more money, love, freedom, and happiness — now is the perfect time to invest in yourself. SPARK is different from other programs because it makes nervous system regulation easy and fun with a unique 10-step approach. Plus, you'll have the accountability and support of our online community, ensuring lasting transformation. Imagine going from feeling stressed and overwhelmed to experiencing easy breezy bliss. You'll gain control over your emotional reactions and discover the best reset and regulation methods for you, even if you only have five minutes. Our tools, including NSR Bingo and NSR/Energy Training, will guide you through this transformative process. The total energetic exchange for SPARK is just $10, a small investment for a significant return. Join us from July 15th to July 26th to implement this powerful 10-step process, eliminate chronic stress, and open your energy to more of what you truly desire. Reserve your spot now and start creating lasting change, opening up to more money, love, and happiness immediately!

You can also join this program via the mobile app. Go to the app


  • Phase 1: Spark Your Vision 👁️
  • Phase 2: Create Your Energy Training Guide 🗒️
  • Phase 3: The Warm Up ☀️
  • Phase 4: Energy Flow & Form 🔥
  • Phase 5: Intentional Progressive Overload & Resistance 💥
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