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Virgo New Moon Manifestation Ceremony


Pivot, Reset, Plant Seeds, Harvest


SUPER POWERFUL for Earth Signs - Virgo, Capricron, + Taurus... Sun, Moon, & Risings


Duration: 2-3 hours


During this ceremony, I will guide you through breathe work, meditation, visualization, intention setting, and journaling exercises to help you tap into the energy of the Harvest Moon and plant seeds to accomplish your goals for the rest of 2023. Whether you're looking to cultivate love, abundance, or success in any area of your life, this ceremony will provide you with the tools and support you need.




What You Can Expect:


Breathe Work + Meditation: this will prime your mind and body for the elevated emotional states required to actually manifest your desires


Intention Setting: we'll re-establish the intentions we set in the beginning of the year to get us back on track


New Moon Lesson + Energy Reading: we'll have a short discussion on how we can intentionally manifest with the moon's cycles and what kind of energy this new moon is bringing in to support us


Channeled Messages + Oracle Card Pull: we'll be tapping in to the quantum realm to receive guidance and insight 


Manifestation Journaling: we'll use journaling prompts to script what we're calling in for the rest of the year


Guided Hypnotherapy: we'll close with a guided deep trance meditation to fully align with the wishes we would like fulfilled




What You Will Need:


๐ŸŒš a safe + quiet space to sit, lie down, and stretch out comfortably for about 2-3 hours uninterrupted


๐ŸŒš journal + pen


๐ŸŒš comfy clothes


๐ŸŒš headphones, pillows, blankets, and an eye cover are optional but will enhance your meditation and hynotherapy experience


๐ŸŒš tea, crystals, candles, incense, etc. are also optional but really help to elevate the vibe in your space and set the mood

Virgo New Moon Manifestation Ceremony

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